• Limoni: A Night in with Gennaro

A Night in with Gennaro: in conversation with our favourite chef

Gennaro discusses why the lemon is his favourite fruit, and its essential role in Italian cooking

In conversation for this virtual event, Gennaro will share the importance of the lemon as a symbol for his homeland, why his addiction to this citrus fruit has never ceased, and how a simple lemon can transform a dish.

In Italian cooking, the lemon is as essential as olive oil and salt and no part of it is wasted – Gennaro will explore how flesh, pith and skin are chopped into salads, juice is drizzled over meat and veggies and used in desserts and drinks, the leaves are used to wrap meat, fish and cheese, while the aromatic zest adds complexity to a dish’s flavour.

Note: You can book the streamed virtual event alone or to include a hardback copy of Limoni, Gennaro’s latest book of delicious recipes from his beloved Italy.

A Night In with Gennaro Contaldo


What:Online streaming event

With: Gennaro Contaldo

Where: Fane/Vimeo

When: Wednesday October 13 2021, 20:00 UTC+1 (BST)


  • Stream only, £10
  • Stream + copy of Limoni £20 (uk delivery)
  • Stream + copy of Limoni £36 (Intl delivery)