Gennaro & Bertolli with Butter

Gennaro is currently starring in Bertolli with Butter's TV campaign. Plus he has created some delicious recipes which can be seen here

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Zuccotto di Panettone


6 x servings

1kg ricotta

140 gr caster sugar

70 gr candied fruit

40 gr flaked almonds

50 gr chocolate chips

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

600 gr panettone, cut into 2 round discs and the rest lengthways into sliced 2.5 cm thick

175 ml vin santo

cocoa powder for dusting

1 pudding basin or bowl 15 cm in diameter


Mix together half the ricotta with 70 gr of the sugar until creamy.  Then fold in 35 gr of candied fruit, 20 gr flaked almonds and 25 gr of chocolate chips until all well amalgamated.  Set aside.

Then mix the remaining ricotta with the remaining sugar and cocoa powder until creamy.  Then stir in the remaining candied fruit, flaked almonds and chocolate chips.  Set aside. 

Line the pudding basin or bowl with cling film, leaving quite a bit of excess around the edges.  Line that with the slices of panettone and, with the help of a pastry brush, brush about three-quarters of the vin santo on the cake slices.  Fill with the white ricotta mixture, which should half-fill the pudding basin.  Take one of the round panettone discs and place over the top and press gently, then drizzle over some of the vin santo.  Fill with the chocolate ricotta mixture and cover with the other panettone disc, then drizzle with the remaining vin santo. 

Bring up the overhang of cling film and place a weight on top, eg. a plate with a bag of sugar on it and place in the fridge for at least 6 hours.

Remove from the fridge, take off the weight and the cling film over the top.  Turn upside-down onto a plate.  Carefully remove the pudding basin and peel off the cling film.  Dust all over with lots of sieved cocoa powder and serve.