Gennaro & Bertolli with Butter

Gennaro is currently starring in Bertolli with Butter's TV campaign. Plus he has created some delicious recipes which can be seen here

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Gennaro's Range Of Italian Preserves

Preserving food is an important job in the traditional Italian kitchen, it is a way of keeping the scents and flavours of produce long after they are in season.

My family preserved all sorts of produce and our larder was filled with jars of peppers, aubergines and courgettes preserved in oil & vinegar as well as our precious tomatoes dried in the hot summer sun as well as summer fruits made into jam or preserved in alcohol or syrup. I know you can find fresh produce all year round now, but I still love to preserve food in its season and enjoy it later in the year or to give as gifts.



figsThis is one childhood tradition which I will not give up and would like to share with you which is why I have devised a small range of produce which I hope you will enjoy. To be launched in Spring 2010. Watch this space for more details or e-mail