Gennaro & Bertolli with Butter

Gennaro is currently starring in Bertolli with Butter's TV campaign. Plus he has created some delicious recipes which can be seen here

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Gennaro's Italian Bakery Out on 8th September

Accompanies the highly successful BBC TV show staring Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio and their travels in Italy.  Containing over 100 mouthwatering recipes, it includes an intriguing combination of classic dishes as well as others showcasing the c... Read more
Gennaro's family favourite recipes from past and present.  From quick suppers to slow cooked dishes for the weekend and special occasions, there is something to suit every taste.  Fabulous photos of family and food !  Read more
This classic Italian cookbook and kitchen essential brings together over 100 mouth-watering recipes for slow-cooked rich stews, soups, pasta bakes & sauces, braised meats, tender roasts, soft breads and sticky desserts and sweet treats.  Unfussy, effo... Read more
Bringing an authentic taste of Italy to your table with all of the flavour and none of the hassle, Gennaro shows that delicious dishes can come from simple recipes. From everyday meals to more formal occasions, these quick and easy dishes guarantee high qua... Read more
Gennaro shares his favourite family recipes, suitable for a large amount of hungry guests, lots of advice on how to prepare in advance and hints of what dishes go best together.  He gives tips, too, on how to adapt the food for smaller groups so that you... Read more
A celebration of Italian life as much as Italian food, Gennaro's Italian Year gives us a way into Italian food, lifestyle and culture, and includes recipes for every month of the year, from summer favourites to Christmas essentials. With stories from his child... Read more
Let's not forget Gennaro's first cookbook! There are over 100 simple and easy-to-follow recipes, which include many of the dishes enjoyed at the restaurant. Gennaro's passion for food and cooking comes out in the fascinating and romantic tales of his childhood... Read more